This funding aims to provide Wyoming businesses the opportunity to offer structured learning experiences to individuals through internships that enhance an individual’s work skills, knowledge and abilities. Government entities, except Wyoming County and Memorial Hospitals and emergency medical service providers, are not eligible to participate.

An internship should provide the following:

  • A practical learning experience or project given by a designated supervisor
  • An opportunity to observe, contribute, and rotate through the different parts of the department/organization
  • Career connections, mentorship, and networking opportunities within the organization/industry
  • Training, either “formal” or on-the-job, along with constructive, ongoing feedback for personal and professional development – Designated email specifically for Internship communication.

WDTF Internship Grant – New Parameters:

  • An internship may be up to 480 hours. If an intern is expected to be working a 40 hour work week, this would allow up to 12 weeks for an internship. Internships may not be more than six months in length if part-time work is being considered.
  • Wages may be reimbursed up to $18 per hour, supported by appropriate documentation. O*Net is the preferred source for Wyoming wage documentation and since an internship is a learning, experiential learning opportunity, the wage would be expected to be on the lower end of the wage scale.  
  • Businesses are eligible for up to 3 internships per fiscal year. If an active grant crosses over into the next fiscal year, it will count towards the 3 allowed.
  • Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAP) are eligible for up to 5 internships.
  • The intern may be hired no earlier than one month prior to submission of the application, being hired specifically for the internship, and no later than two months after the execution of the contract.
  • A mentor with experience and education and/or a professional background in the field of the internship shall be assigned to each intern. Mentors shall be responsible for no more than two interns at a time.

Internship Grant Forms and Rules

  • Internship Application Instructions and Sample Questions
  • WDTF Internship Grant Application The link for the WDTF Internship Grant Application is active at this time. WDTF will accept applications submitted during the first seven (7) calendar days of each month. Applications submitted at any time outside of this window will not be considered. The link will be closed for one week following the end of the seven (7) calendar day application window and will re-opened on the 15th of each month. Potential applicants can begin drafting their application as of the 15th of the month and their working applications will be saved until it is submitted. Unsubmitted applications will be automatically deleted at the end of the application window.
  • Internship Rules (PDF)


Resources to help determine average wages for industry/job position