Pre-Hire Economic Development Grants

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services recognizes the importance of an educated, skilled workforce in promoting Wyoming’s economic growth. To foster this growth, the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services assist employers with the Pre-Hire Grant Program.

The Pre-Hire Economic Development Grant Program is available to train potential employees for a new or expanding business that is unable to recruit workers with a specific skill set. Applications are completed through a partnering of four entities that contribute separate needs or services to the program:

  • A training entity that can deliver the training, certificate or skills the business requires;
  • A business, group of businesses or an industry with a need for workers;
  • The local or regional economic development entity that will work within the local or regional economic network to provide assistance; and
  • The local Workforce Center, which will assist in the recruitment of potential skilled workers, along with placement of trained participants.

Pre-Hire Grant Forms, Templates, and Instructions

Pre-Obligation Grants

Pre-Obligation Grants are available to economic development entities to incentivize business recruitment and expansion. Applications are available for economic development entities to apply in collaboration with the business and can blend Business Training Grants with a Pre-Hire Grant option as well.

If a Pre-Obligation Grant is awarded, the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) will enter into a contract with the business to pre-obligate the necessary funds for training. An additional application for a Pre-Hire Grant is required under the pre-obligated funding and, if awarded, DWS will enter into a contract with the training entity. The pre-obligated funds bypass the competitive application and award process for the Business Training Grants.

The total application amount shall not exceed an amount equivalent to two hundred (200) trainees multiplied by the maximum grant amount allowed for Business Training Grants which is determined by industry as follows:

  • $4,000 per trainee per state fiscal year
  • $5,000 per trainee in a preferred industry per state fiscal year

Pre-Obligation Grant Forms and Rules