The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) assists Wyoming’s communities to adapt and thrive; providing a livable wage for families through sustaining income, fair and legal employment, enforcement of child labor laws, legal payment of wages, and a safe working environment for Wyoming workers.

To develop a sustainable and quality workforce, DWS assists Wyoming businesses and serves a variety of clients, including employers, employees, injured workers, job seekers, individuals with disabilities, families working toward earning self-sustaining wages, healthcare providers, child care providers, parents of young children, older workers, veterans, individuals seeking social security disability benefits, training providers, youth, and many more!

Our mission is to collaborate to support a thriving workforce and economy, and our vision is to lead workforce innovation and invest in employee development today, for a stronger tomorrow.

If you are here as an employer to post available jobs, you are in the right place. For job seekers, this is also the place for you to search for jobs or find other programs and information that may help you be successful in your job search.