The Labor Standards Office of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services enforces all labor laws created for the protection of Wyoming workers. 

Labor Standards works to:

  • Process, investigate, mediate and render decisions on complaints of employment discrimination and claims for wages;
  • Provide employees and employers information and referrals on wage, benefit and employment decision matters;
  • Issue certificates of residency to eligible contractors bidding on public works projects;
  • Monitor employment of minors;
  • Enforce the preference requirements for Wyoming resident labor on public works projects; and to
  • License employment referral businesses within the state

The Labor Standards office can provide the following services:

  • Administrative Decisions
  • Certificates of Residency for Contractors
  • Complaint Processing
  • Determination
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Enforcement
  • Information Requests
  • Licenses for Employment Referral Agencies
  • Prevailing Wage Survey

All services are free except for nominal fees associated with the Resident Contractor program and for licensing employment referral businesses.


The programs administered by the Labor Standards Office have varying eligibility requirements.

The following requirements are necessary:

  • Child Labor: Minors 14 and 15 years of age
  • Claims for Wages: Employees who work in Wyoming and who are claiming unpaid wages
  • Contractor Certificate of Residency: Qualified resident contractors, suppliers, and service providers providing goods or services to public entities within Wyoming
  • Discrimination Complaints: Employees who work in Wyoming for employers with two or more employees, and who meet the minimally sufficient standards for establishing a complaint of employment discrimination
  • Employment Referral Businesses: Certain firms operating any employment office in the state
  • Prevailing Wage Act: Employees employed on construction projects contracted out by the State where payment of prevailing wages is a contract requirement
  • Preference for Wyoming Workers: Employees employed on public works projects where the Preference laws are a contract obligation