Workforce Centers are a central point of service for those seeking employment, training, and related services. Services are offered to job seekers and employers, and include personalized job search expertise, resume and cover letter assistance, mock interviews, career interest testing, job advertising, and prescreening applications.

Through its 55 state and federal programs administered in 18 Workforce Centers, DWS places emphasis on eight core functions:

  1. Benefits: Stabilization of the quality of life for injured and/or unemployed workers, medical and indemnity benefits for injured workers, monitoring of trends in labor market information to assist with economic development.
  2. Career Guidance: Assessing skills, interests and aptitudes which establish solid career pathways.
  3. Collections: Initiating employer registration, collection of payroll information to ensure proper remittance of workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance premiums, capture of data for development into labor market information.
  4. Employment: Job placement and retention.
  5. Enforcement: Investigation of wage claims and fair employment assurance, inspection of all mines and quarries, monitoring of workplace-related fatalities, injuries and illnesses through inspection, consultation, training and compliance.
  6. Recruitment: The process of connecting an individual employment seeker to an employer who has identified specific skills and qualifications.
  7. Rehabilitation: Assisting clients with disabilities in acquiring and retaining employment through specialized assessment, vocational counseling and guidance, physical and mental restoration, training, employment placement and professional development.
  8. Training: Programs focused on skills development for placement, retention and wage progression/career advancement.