The Federal Bonding Program is designed to help employers who are unable to hire or promote otherwise qualified individuals because they could not be bonded by commercial carriers. The program provides free individual fidelity bonding for employers who hire high-risk individuals in permanent, full-time jobs, if the inability to secure bonding is due to:

  • Record of arrest, conviction or imprisonment;
  • History of alcohol or drug abuse;
  • Lack of an employment history;
  • Dishonorable discharge from military service; and/or
  • Poor credit history

Coverage is $5,000 per person. The initial bonding costs are borne by the federal government.

Bonding may be provided to individuals who:

  • Are qualified for the job;
  • Are not commercially bondable;
  • Have a firm job offer; and/or
  • If the job:
    • Offers full-time permanent employment;
    • Is not self-employed

If the job seeker and the job meet the eligibility criteria, bonding coverage is usually effective on the first day of work for the new employee.

Bonds are written for six months. After six months, the employer’s commercial carrier is encouraged to bond the individual, if bonding is still required.

Employers may purchase the bond for an additional six months by directly contacting the carrier for the Federal Bonding Program and request an extension.

Application may be made by either the job applicant or the prospective employer at any of the Workforce Centers.

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