Having a work-related injury is stressful, and our goal at the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services is to make the workers’ compensation process as smooth as possible. We will provide quality service to help you achieve the best medical recovery possible from your work injury and help you return to work.

Workers’ Compensation is funded by premiums paid by employers to provide coverage for lost wages and medical bills when an on the job injury occurs. In exchange, employers receive the benefit of reduced medical costs and are protected against lawsuits from the injured party.

Workers’ Compensation can help you find information about reporting an injury in the workplace, disability benefits and other related subjects. In addition, the program offers:

  • Access to the Medical Commission
  • Administrative and Fiscal Services
  • Business Analyst Services
  • Case Support Services
  • Claims
  • Internal Audit and Compliance Services
  • Settlement Services
  • Training Services

Are you a new employer, or an employer entering the state for work?

Any business conducting work in the State of Wyoming or hiring a Wyoming resident as an employee must register with the Division of Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance to have the coverage determined.

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Interactive Voice Response System

Interactive Voice Response System is available to employers, injured workers and healthcare providers to obtain case and billing information. Access this system at any time by calling (800) 870-8883 or (307) 777-7441.

PIERS System

Attention! The PIERS system is live. To access the PIERS System, click here.

Fraud Hotline

Visit our Fraud Hotline page to report fraud of any kind.

Joint WC & UI Business Registration through WYUI

WYUI, our new Unemployment Insurance system, will enable you to establish your required Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation business accounts. To access the system, click here.

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations can be accessed through the Secretary of State website. In the Search Form, please make the following selections:

  • Agency: Workforce Services, Dept of
  • Program: Workers’ Compensation Division
  • Rule Type: (All Rule Types)
  • Leave all other fields blank.
  • Click on the Search button.

Extra-Territorial/Reciprocal Information