Any business conducting work in the State of Wyoming or hiring a Wyoming resident as an employee must register with the Division of Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment Insurance to have the coverage determined.

Per Wyoming Statute 27-14-101 and 27-14-207 any employer subject to this act shall not commence business or engage in work in this state without applying for coverage under this act and receive a statement of coverage from the Division.

The employer may register and be found to be non-liable/optional in the State of Wyoming for coverage under the Monopolistic Fund, but the registration is required so the Division has sufficient information to determine the employer’s coverage status.

Registration: Wyoming Registered Business and Out of State Employers

Please go to to complete the joint business registration – this must be done first for any employer. This includes owners/sole proprietors as well as contractors, you must register in order to get the exemption letter from the Division.

To access the registration at, click on the Register New Business with DWS bullet under the Employer Services header on the lower left. 

Follow the employer registration process and work through the prompts. At the end of the registration, you should see a Registration Summary. You will want to save that page as a PDF for your records. It is also recommended to save a copy of the questionnaire before emailing, faxing or mailing it to one of the locations on the form.

For anything you don’t have an exact answer for, it is okay to enter pending or to be determined, etc. If you do not have a physical address yet, please at least enter the name and/or location of the job site or the county and/or city in which the work will be performed.
If you are an out-of-state company, you will also need to fill out the out-of-state questionnaire.

You can submit the out-of-state questionnaire, copies of the registration packet, and any certificate of insurance or proof of current coverage via email to: and