The Aaron Booker Firefighter Cancer Screening Act, effective July 1, 2024, represents a significant advancement in protecting firefighters’ health. It mandates that firefighters with at least ten years of service in the industry may be entitled to undergo medically indicated cancer screenings covered by workers’ compensation.

This law encompasses all categories of firefighters, whether employed by municipalities, volunteer organizations, or private entities. It recognizes the inherent occupational risks firefighters face and presumes that their exposure to various carcinogens during duty may lead to cancer.

The screenings provided include examinations for breast, colon, and prostate cancer, as well as other types identified as posing elevated risks within the firefighting profession. Even after retirement, firefighters can avail themselves of these screenings for a period of up to ten years, acknowledging the potential latency of cancer development.

Importantly, the legislation ensures that including these screenings in workers’ compensation benefits does not negatively impact employers’ experience ratings. It underscores a commitment to prioritizing the health and well-being of firefighters, acknowledging their dedication and sacrifices in ensuring public safety.

If you are a firefighter needing to file a workers’ compensation claim, please complete and submit the Wyoming Report of Injury.

For more information on the Aaron Booker Firefighter Cancer Screening Act, please view the brochure.