• All businesses must be registered with Secretary of State, Wyoming at Work, Unemployment Insurance and Workers’ Compensation to receive a good standing certification. Please ensure you are in good standing prior to starting an application.
  • Applications may request funding for only one training event per application.
  • There is no limit to the number of applications a business may submit, as long as you remain within your business funding limit per state fiscal year.
  • Applications can be created at any time and saved, to be submitted a minimum of 30 calendar days and no more than 110 calendar days from start date of Training Period.

2. What kind of training will be approved for a grant?

In order for training to be approved, the business must demonstrate:

  • Training will either correct an employee’s skill deficiency or upgrade an employee’s current skill level
  • There is a direct relationship between the training and the trainee’s occupation or craft
  • The business will not substitute funds normally provided for training or funds obtained from another source with Business Training Grant funds
  • There is a need for the skill upgrade provided by the training for the business to remain competitive in the industry or economy; and
  • The skill upgrade provided by the training will:
    • Enhance the business’ productivity, efficiency or profitability
    • Reduce employee turnover
    • Enhance employee wages

3. What expenses will the grant cover?

The following are allowable training expenses:

  • Direct training costs, including tuition, registration, class fees and class materials;
  • Training that includes registration fees
  • Travel expenses including transportation expenses directly related to the training
  • Instructor fees and travel expenses where the instructor is not an employee of the business
  • Fees for continuing education units licenses, and certifications that may be obtained during the training event

4. What expenses won’t the grant cover?

The following are non-allowable training expenses:

  • Lodging and meals are not covered
  • Trainee wages and fringe benefits
  • Administration expenses
  • Purchased, rented or leased equipment, including computer hardware and software
  • Instructor fees and travel expenses where the instructor is an employee of the business;
  • Assessments, testing and certification exams that are not included in the training;
  • Capital construction of any kind;
  • Cost of preparing the grant application.

5. When can I expect to receive the grant and how is it paid?

  • The application must be approved and a contract must be signed and dated by ALL parties,  PRIOR TO the start of training period.
  • The grant reimburses allowable expenses after the training has been completed and the final report has been submitted, reviewed and approved.

6. What is the final report and when do I have to submit it?

  • The BTG Grant Management System will send a message through the grant message center to the business 45 days after the training has been completed requesting a final report.
  • The final report must include:
    • A summary of the training  and how it helped the trainee in their job
    • A copy of the agenda or registration form that show corresponding dates of training period
    • A payroll record listing the name(s), and hourly wages of the trainee(s) for a pay period 45 days after the training has been completed
    • Paid invoices or receipts for allowable expenses, including travel and registration; and
    • Verification of attendance.
  • Adjustment to the reimbursement will be made if actual expenses were lower than the amount awarded.

7. Under what conditions do I get the Reimbursement?

  • Reimbursement will be disbursed to the business if the trainee:
    • Has completed the training within the Training Period referenced in the Contract;
    • Has been retained in employment with the business for 45 days after the date of completion of the training.
    • Has submitted the final report with all supporting documentation requested and it has been reviewed and approved.