Business Account Creation

What information do I need before I create my account in the BTG On-line System?

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security number (SSN) (Sole Proprietors only);
  • Unemployment Insurance number;
  • Workers’ Compensation number;
  • Secretary of State number
  • Registered with Wyoming at Work
  • Business’ physical and remittance addresses; and
  • Primary contact and signatory information, this can be the same or different people

I am a Sole Proprietor; I do not have Unemployment Insurance or Workers’ Compensation. Am I still able to apply?

Yes. However, you will still be required to register with Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Workers’ Compensation (WC) to complete the business registration. You will need to register with UI and WC on an annual basis to stay current.

How do I get Unemployment Insurance and Worker’s Compensation numbers?

Visit the joint UI/WC website and fill out the application. The business will receive both numbers by mail and will need to have those numbers to create an account.

If I am not liable for UI and WC and don’t have a number, am I still eligible to apply for grants?

Yes, your business may be considered non liable through UI and WC, however WDTF still requires the business to be registered for WDTF to obtain a Good Standing Certificate.

If your business is  not liable for UI or WC, the business will be provided with temporary numbers that will show whether your business is in good standing with those divisions.

Temporary status may not require any payment or reporting on the part of the business, but must be renewed annually.

I am a Sole Proprietor and the only employee. Can I get a workforce grant?

Yes. To be approved for a grant you will need to provide a qualifying payroll verification of your hourly wage.

Grant Application

How can I submit a grant application?

Grant applications are submitted through an online grant management system and for one training event per application.

What is the Application Due Date Calculator?

Business Training Grant applications must be submitted no less than 30 days before the start of the training period and no more than 110 days. The training period must include any pre/post coursework and any travel dates, if applicable.

The signed, scanned, contract must be emailed to WDTF with sufficient time to obtain the remaining required signatures before the training period start date on your contract.

Failing to complete these steps before training starts nullifies the contract and the contract must be cancelled. This is a firm grant requirement with no exceptions. Use the application due date calculator to confirm the date range a grant application can be submitted.

  For WDTF, enter the first travel date.
  For WYQC, enter the first training date.

How long does it take to register my business with WDTF?

Once the account registration is successfully submitted, WDTF staff will verify good standing status for all entities. This process typically takes about 7-10 business days, on average. Once we have verified that all entities are in good standing, you will receive an approval email with a prompt to create your password and log into the grant system. You will be able to build your application at any time, but not submit until the first seven (7) calendar days of each month.

When can I apply for training?

The first date of training must be no earlier than 30 calendar days and no later than 110 calendar days from the application submission date. Applications can be created and filled out at any time, but must be submitted within the first seven (7) calendar days of each month.

How long after the submission window closes can I ask for a status update?

WDTF Staff asks that businesses wait two weeks from the close of the submission window to ask for a status update on their applications. 

I’m not sure I can afford the training if I don’t get approved. What do I do in this scenario?

It is acceptable to upload documentation estimates of eligible expenses (registration, airfare, rental car, mileage, etc.) at the application stage. At the Final Report stage, WDTF will require all receipts of eligible expenses incurred. However, the amount approved on the grant will not be raised if the business spends more than the requested amount. 

I need to contact Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, Secretary of State, or Wyoming at Work. What is the best way to contact them?

Listed below is the contact information for each of these entities. 

  • Workers’ Compensation Division ~ Employer Services
  • 1510 E. Pershing Blvd. ~ 2nd Floor
  • Cheyenne, WY  82002
  • Phone: (307) 777-6763
  • Main Email: 
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • P.O. Box 2760 
  • Casper, WY 82602-2760
  • Phone: (307) 235-3217
  • Email: 

What training and travel expenses are eligible for reimbursement?

  • Registration, Tuition or Class Fees;
  • Required class materials or supplies;
  • CEU’s or Certification fees (that are obtained during the training period); and
  • Instructor (if not an employee of the business) / Trainee Travel Expenses: airfare, mileage, car rentals and ground transportation.

What is the Message Center?

The message center is an interactive method of communication that is only available through the Workforce Development Training Fund Business Training Grant management system. Similar to email, it is used to relay messages between the Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund staff and the primary contact of the participating businesses regarding information on individual grant applications. At the time the business registers with our agency the business provides a user email address. Please note that the primary contact is responsible for all correspondence through the message center.

When do businesses use the Message Center?

Businesses can use the message center to send Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund staff additional information, or questions during the course of the entire grant process (example: changes to the contract such as trainee substitutes or a request to amend the training end date.) for Business Training Grants.


Where can I find the contract on the Grant Management System to download and sign?

Your contract will be emailed to the designated Primary Contact for review and signature once it is ready for signature. You can also find your contract under Attachments in the Grant Management System.

Who can sign the contract?

The individual whom your business designates in the business account profile as the signatory is the only one who can sign and date contracts. This date must be on or after the date the business receives it from WDTF (not prior to receiving it).

When is the signed contract required back?

The signed, scanned, contract must be emailed to WDTF with sufficient time to obtain the remaining required signatures and before the training start date on your contract. Failing to complete these steps before the training period starts nullifies the contract and the contract must be cancelled.

Can I make substitutions to the contract?

Once your application has been approved, you can make substitutions up to the start date on your contract as long as you have requested it in the message center of the database prior to start date and provided us with the pertinent information for that substitute. (e.g. name, ss#, hourly wage). If you remove a trainee without substituting someone else for that trainee, the approved amounts of the remaining trainees will not be altered.

Can I amend my contract?

WDTF can amend a contract one time only – and only to extend the end date. This request must be made in writing, before the end of the training period, using the message center in the Grant Management System stating the reason, and the new end date, to be followed up with an email to Please upload documentation showing the new end date from the trainer/facility and new travel dates from an itinerary into the Grant Management System if applicable. The contract must first be fully executed before the Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund staff can amend the contract.

When do I get my payment?

The approved expenses will be reimbursed once the final report is reviewed and approved.

Final Reports

When do I submit my final report and why do I have to wait so long to submit it?

To ensure the integrity of the program funds, the final report must include a payroll verification of employment for 45 days after the end of training. The final report should be submitted no sooner than 45 days after the end of training and no later than 135 days after the end of training.

Is there something that tells me what to send in?

Yes. A Final Report Checklist is available on the WDTF website and is also saved as an attachment in your grant once the 45 day requirement has been met.

How do I submit my final report?

After the 45 day requirement has been reached, log into your grant, respond to the Final Report Questions(s) and upload all required, supporting documentation.

The most important part is to CHECK THE BOX that indicates you have uploaded all the required documents and are ready to submit your final report.

What is a Proof of Payment?

Proof of Payment is a document that shows the amount actually paid for an expense, such as a copy of an endorsed check,  a credit card statement, or legitimate receipt from the provider. A more detailed list of acceptable documents are located in the Final Report Checklist.

Why do I need an airline itinerary? What airline expenses are not reimbursable?

  • An itinerary is necessary because the WDTF staff needs dates, origin and destination of travel; itemized costs travel class, and trainees’ names;
  • Travel insurance, seat upgrades, early-bird check-in fees, more than one checked bag, change fees, and other flight up-charges are not reimbursable.

Can I use the documents I submitted with the application?

If the documents submitted with the application are estimates, you will need to provide actual receipts for the Final Report. The documents submitted will need to show the actual costs and details of the training received. If you uploaded receipts with the application, those can be used for the Final Report.

You ask for an hourly wage, but I am on salary; what do I submit?

Please provide a current paystub that shows gross wages (amount before taxes and deductions) and the hours worked during that pay period.

Can I submit one summary for all of the trainees on the grant?

Each trainee needs to submit a short summary of their experience, to include:

  • What did you learn? and
  • How did the training benefit you?

My training was rescheduled. Now what?

The contract allows one opportunity to amend the contract and extend the end date of the training period. No other changes to the contract can be made. This request must be made in writing, before the end of the training period, using the message center in the Grant Management System, to be followed up with an email to stating the reason and the new end date and provide documentation to support the new end date.

My training is self-paced and I can’t finish my training in the time I thought I could. What do I do?

Please submit an amendment request before the end of the Training Period through the Message Center, with a follow up email to requesting your new end date.

One of the trainees can’t go. What are my options?

You may make a substitution in the Grant Management System once the application has been approved and before the training period starts.

How will I receive the reminder messages?

Reminders to submit the Final Report are sent through the Message Center in the business’ online account with WDTF. Reminders are sent at 45 days following the end of training and again at 120 days and 130 days following the end date if not previously submitted. The contract will expire on Day 136, if the Final Report has not been submitted and reimbursement will not take place.

More Information

For additional information, please contact WDTF at (307) 777-8717.