Section 27-3-607 of the Wyoming Employment Security Law requires the Unemployment Insurance Division to disclose, upon request, claimant information to certain government agencies, in order to assist them in the operation of their programs. Among the agencies specified by law to receive data are other state agencies responsible for employment security, child support payments, worker’s compensation, and food stamps. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Railroad Retirement Board may also receive information from the Unemployment Insurance Division. These disclosures are strictly confidential.

Wyoming Statutes provide for release of information about claim issues to the parties involved during the active adjudication/protest/appeals process. Once an issue is final, however, claimant and employer information is strictly confidential and can only be released to the party who provided the information, unless appropriate releases are provided. There also may be a fee charged. Requests need to be made in writing. Final determinations and claim information can only be mailed to the Address of Record provided to the Agency. Claim information can only be given to the claimant.