Responsibilities of Benefit Payment Control

  • Monitoring claims to ensure proper payment of benefits
  • Investigating and determining fraudulent activity on claims
  • Recovering overpayments of unemployment benefits through:
    • Payment agreements
    • Offsets or reductions to benefit payments
    • Judicial system (Small Claims Court and Circuit Court)
    • Bankruptcy court
  • Matching National Directory of New Hires data to claimant reported earnings
  • Verifying alien eligibility status
  • Providing verification of unemployment benefits for 3rd parties
  • Reviewing requests for Overpayment Waivers in hardship situations where fraud is not a factor
  • Offsetting or reducing payments on Wyoming claims for other states’ overpayments
  • Securing cooperation from other states to offset benefits and recover Wyoming overpayments
  • Providing claim information to other state and federal agencies to assist with investigations

Benefit Payment Control Contact Information

Unemployment Insurance Division
Benefit Payment Control

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2760, Casper, WY 82602-2760

(307) 235-3236

Fax: (307) 235-3277