What is a Trusted Referee video call?

If your online identity verification attempt was unsuccessful, you may see the option to connect with a Trusted Referee or Video Chat Agent.

A Video Chat Agent, also known as a Trusted Referee, is a trained identity specialist who will prove your identity. When verifying your identity with a Trusted Referee, you may be asked to upload photos of your identification documents and show the physical copies to a Trusted Referee. You may need to show either a current driver’s license, state-issued photo ID, passport card, or passport, and/or proof of a Social Security number. Note that you may need to provide additional documentation if your name has changed or to prove your current address.

If you are prompted to verify your identity on a video call with a Trusted Referee, please follow the steps below:

Steps to verify with a Trusted Referee:

  1. Select Get started. Selecting this button starts the process to verify your identity on a video call.
  2. Review and update your information. Confirm all your information is accurate and then select Continue.
  3. Enter in your Social Security number.
  4. Gather your documents. You’ll need to upload a photo of (link to our list of accepted primary and secondary documents) two primary documents or one primary and two secondary documents, which must be current. From the list, select which document you’d like to upload. Make sure to confirm the name that is on the document you choose to upload.
  5. If you selected Take Photo, type in your phone number to receive a link to upload your documents. If you selected Choose Image, you will be able to upload your documents already stored on your device. You’ll receive a text message with a secure link from the identity verification service to take photos of your documents and a photo of yourself.
  6. Take photos of your identity documents. If you need more time to gather and take photos of your documents, select Save & Exit. The identity verification service will email a link to return to this part of the identity verification process.
  7. When prompted, take a selfie.
  8. Confirm you have acceptable document uploads and select Continue. While your documents are under review, you’ll see an estimated wait time.
  9. Select Join Video Call and wait for your Trusted Referee to join. There may be a short wait. If your documents were accepted, you will be prompted to start the video call with a Trusted Referee. Show the Trusted Referee your documents, answer a few questions, and that’s it. Your identity has been verified!