In order to be paid your weekly benefits, you will need to submit a continued claim. To be timely, you must wait until the week has ended and must file within 14 days of the claim week-end date.

You can submit a continued claim online at

To submit a continued claim on, you will follow this path: click Continued Claim » File Continued Claim. Then you must honestly answer all of the questions according to your personal employment situation. If you are unable to file online, please contact the Claims Center at (307) 473-3789.

Please remember: Letting others file using your PIN is fraud, as is letting others use your online username and password.

How do I know if my continued claim has been submitted?

The best way to know if your claim has been submitted is to check your Unemployment account online at Here is the path: Click on Inquiry » Benefits » Claimant/Claim Inquiry. This page will show you if your weekly continued claims have been scheduled for processing. The inquiry tab will also indicate when a payment is made.

It is imperative to check your Correspondence tab EVERY time you complete a continued claim. The correspondence tab contains valuable information related to your claim. By checking your correspondence tab on a regular basis, you will be able to have the most updated and accurate information related to your claim.

Correspondences » Claimant Correspondences » Benefits

Now, let’s get familiar with some of the other tabs on

Need to change your payment method to direct deposit?

Benefit Maintenance » Update Claimant Profile » Payment Options

Even if you arrange for direct deposit, UI might send a pay card to you. The pay card is to be used only if you encounter issues with direct deposit payments.

Want to change your password or security questions?

Help Desk » Reset User Profile

Do you need to reset your PIN? Have you forgotten your username, password, or security questions? Have you been locked out of your account?

Please email with your first and last name, the last 4 of your social security number, and a phone number. A staff member will call you to assist you with getting into your account. This is all they can assist with. You may not recognize the phone number. Please ensure that your voicemail box can accept incoming messages.

Methods of Filing Weekly Claims

There are two ways to file your weekly claims:


File your weekly claim for unemployment insurance online, 24/7. Should the system be unavailable, you will receive a “system down” message and should either try again later or use one of the other methods for filing your weekly continued claim or certification.

To file your claim online, click here.

Through the Wyoming Unemployment Insurance Division

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2760, Casper, WY 82602-2760

Call the HELP line: (307) 473-3789

For information on your UI Claim, contact the Claims Center at (307) 473-3789.

Fax: (307) 473-3726