The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services’ Unemployment Insurance division (WYUI) has partnered with an identity verification service to verify claimants requesting benefits. Identity verification provides secure digital identity verification to government agencies and other partners to make sure you are you—and not someone pretending to be you.

1. Get Started

When you file your new unemployment claim with Wyoming Unemployment Insurance (WYUI), you will be asked to verify your identity through the identity verification service. Follow the instructions below to verify your identity.

You’ll be asked for certain documents which must be current to verify your identity. For fastest results, have two of these primary documents handy before beginning your identification verification process:

  • Driver’s License
  • State ID
  • Passport Card
  • Passport

If you do not have two of these primary documents, you can use one primary and two secondary documents. Click here for more information.

2. Verify with Identity Verification Service

After your unemployment claim has been filed on WYUI you will be directed to verify your identity.   Payment will not be issued until your identity is verified. Click here for full steps on how to verify your identity.

Trusted Referee Video Call

If you are not able to complete the verification process due to an issue with your documents, you will be routed to verify your identity over a video call with a Trusted Referee, also referred to as a Video Chat Agent. You will need to show your identity documents to a Trusted Referee along with a selfie (a photo of yourself) to complete your verification.

What’s Next

After you have verified your identity, either through self-service or over a video call, you’ll be directed back to the Wyoming Unemployment Insurance website – – to continue your progress with the requested online service.