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Mar 1211 a.m. – NoonSecuring Success: Mastering Workers’ Compensation
with Strategic Risk Management
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Apr 911 a.m. – NoonWorkers’ Compensation 101Learn moreRegister now
May 711 a.m. – NoonThe Charge Processing System – EEOC & the State of WyomingLearn moreRegister now
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March 12, 2024, 11 a.m.

Securing Success: Mastering Workers’ Compensation with Strategic Risk Management

During this presentation, you’ll discover the collaborative commitment of the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) Workers’ Compensation Risk Management team as they strive to forge a strong partnership with your business. Gain insights into discount programs, base rates, Experience Modification Ratings (EMR), and an array of initiatives tailored for employers registered and in good standing with Workers’ Compensation. This informative presentation is your key to unlocking the full spectrum of benefits and resources available to safeguard your business and foster a thriving work environment. This presentation is free to the public, though registration is required.


Lauren White

Lauren, a Cheyenne native and graduate of Central High School, holds an Associate’s Degree in Health Sciences and a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology & Health Promotion from the University of Wyoming. Since 2014, she has been an integral part of the Department of Workforce Services, initially serving as a Claims Analyst for Workers’ Compensation. In November 2016, she earned a promotion to Risk Manager. In 2020, Lauren attained the Certified Risk Manager designation through the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. Taking on the role of leading the Risk Management team in December 2021, her impact extends beyond her team as she actively contributes to various divisions within DWS. With a wealth of experience, Lauren stands as a valuable resource for employers in Wyoming, offering comprehensive insights and expertise in risk management and workplace safety.

Ricardo Lind-Gonzalez

Ricardo grew up in Casper, but he found his home and career in Cheyenne. Ricardo became a first-generation college graduate when he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming. He began with the Department of Workforce Services as a Workers’ Compensation Claims Analyst in March 2020 until he was promoted to Risk Manager in July 2022. As part of the Risk Management team, Ricardo manages the Deductible Program and the Student Learner Agreements. He is working toward becoming a Certified Risk Manager.

Mathieu Emerson

Mathieu, a Cheyenne native, has always had a passion to develop his education. He graduated from South High School in 2013 where he went on to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Wyoming in 2018. Mathieu’s journey with the Department of Workforce Services began in October 2022 as a Claims Analyst with Workers’ Compensation. In pursuit of finding his place with DWS, he was promoted in September 2023 to Risk Manager. His continued drive to learn and excellent aptitude for helping others, makes him a valuable asset to the Risk Management team and employers across Wyoming.


April 9, 2024, 11 a.m.

Workers’ Compensation 101

Workers’ Compensation 101 is a presentation every employer or business owner will want to see! The first half-hour covers Workers’ Compensation, including employer registration, when to report an injury, the injury reporting process including how to file a claim, compensability review, Temporary Total Disability, and light duty.

The second half-hour is an introduction to Workers’ Compensation Employer Services, and covers when and how to register your business, out-of-state employer information, extraterritorial coverage, how to report and pay premiums, and certificates of good standing. This presentation is open to the public, though registration is required.


Erica Pascoe

Erica is the Customer Service Advocate for Workers’ Compensation and has been with the Department of Workforce Services for 12 years. Starting as a claims analyst, Erica moved to her position as the Customer Service Advocate in 2021. Erica has lived in Wyoming since 2001 and has worked for the State since 2012.

Maria Barker

Maria has been with the Department of Workforce Services for almost 26 years, starting in the intake unit, moving to Provider Services, and then to Employer Services as an accounts receivable specialist. She became the Employer Services Manager in May of 2022. She was born in Colorado but has lived in Wyoming since 1981. She is married and has two children, one granddaughter, and two dogs.


May 7, 2024, 11 a.m.

The Charge Processing System – EEOC & the State of Wyoming

The fifth presentation of the DWS Virtual Training Series brings you a discussion of the charge processing system between the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the state of Wyoming. Topics will include how to file a charge of discrimination with each agency; how these charges are processed and (if applicable) transferred; and how these charges are investigated. Included will be information about the mediation programs. This presentation is free to the public, though registration is required.

Please note: DWS is unable to record this presentation.


Jason Delo

Jason has worked for the State of Wyoming as a Probation and Parole Officer, tasked with completing Pre-Sentence Investigation Reports for the courts, as well as pre-parole placement investigations. He began working as a Compliance Officer for Labor Standards in 2005 and also served as the Wyoming Department of Employment Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer for two years. Jason became the Lead Compliance Officer for Labor Standards in Cheyenne in 2009; served as the interim Program Manager in 2016 and again in 2017; and in 2020, Jason became the Program Manager for the Cheyenne office.

Dana Maestas

Dana has worked with the Casper Labor Standards office for the past 24 years, beginning as an Administrative Assistant. She has also been a Compliance Officer and Lead Compliance Officer and became the Program Manager for the Casper Office in 2020.

Patricia McMahon, Outreach and Education Program Coordinator, EEOC

Ms. Patricia McMahon serves as the Outreach and Education Program Coordinator for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) – Denver Field Office. In this role she serves as a speaker and panelist on technical aspects of EEOC’s policies and procedures.

Ms. McMahon serves as the Public Affairs Officer for the Denver Field Office. In this role, she oversees and coordinates message development, communications planning, and media relations, including all social media, for the EEOC – Denver Field Office.

Ms. McMahon serves as a trainer with the EEOC National Training Institute with special certification to provide training for EEOC’s Respect in the Workplace, a training program focused on respect, acceptable workplace conduct, and the types of behaviors that contribute to a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Ms. McMahon serves as the congressional liaison for the Denver Field Office. In this role, she interacts with Congressional representatives to facilitate communication between congressional constituents and the Denver Field Office, provides guidance on navigating the EEOC process, and assists Congressional offices with constituent inquiries.

Ms. McMahon serves as the Language Assistance Officer (LAO) for the Denver Field Office under the Language Access Plan which is overseen by the EEOC-Office of Federal Programs and the Small Business Liaison. Employers who have questions about the laws enforced by EEOC or about compliance with those laws in specific workplace situations may contact an EEOC small business liaison.

In January 2023, Ms. McMahon concluded her detail as the Region VIII Lead for the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. She remains active in the Regional Network serving as a liaison for the EEOC – Denver Field Office.

Ms. McMahon began her career with EEOC after graduating with honors from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is active with the alumni association.

In her spare time, Ms. McMahon enjoys writing. She is the author of two books. One is detective fiction and the other humor fiction.

Robin Campbell

Robin Campbell serves as the State, Local and Tribal Program Manager (SLCPM) for the Phoenix District Office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). As the SLCPM she is responsible for the Phoenix District’s State, Local and Tribal Program and liaison for Fair and Employment Practices Agencies (FEPA) in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, as well as 13 Tribal Employment Rights Organizations (TERO). In her position, Ms. Campbell is responsible for coordinating, assisting and providing guidance to FEPA and TERO on all activities relating to the investigations of employment discrimination. Ms. Campbell ensures that cases are investigated in accordance with acceptable investigative techniques and settled in accordance with EEOC standards and applicable laws. Before serving in this position, Ms. Campbell was an Investigator in the Phoenix District Office. As an Investigator, Ms. Campbell investigated individual and class complaints of employment discrimination. Prior to joining the Commission, Ms. Campbell served 21 years in the United States Air Force before retiring in 2008. She graduated from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice in 2010 and earned a Master of Arts in Management from Wayland Baptist University in 2013.

Justin Moore

Justin Moore has been an employee with the EEOC since March 2009. He worked as a bilingual investigator from his date of hire until he became the intake supervisor (CRTIU) of the Denver Field Office in June 2023.

Justin enjoys his work with the EEOC feels strongly about the mission of the agency.


January 23, 2024

Social Media Marketing 101

DWS kicks off its new Virtual Training Series on Jan. 23 with a presentation on Social Media 101. This course is designed to provide an introduction to social media marketing for those who are new to the field. Attendees will learn the basics of setting goals and objectives, building a strong brand, understanding their target audience, and analyzing data to make informed decisions. The course will also cover important topics such as accessibility and monitoring current trends in the industry. Each topic is free to the public, though registration is required.


Erin Turbitt

Erin Turbitt is a marketing and communications professional living and working in Wyoming. Sure, it’s where the buffalo roam, and more often than not, the locals causing traffic jams are four-legged rather than four-wheeled, but that doesn’t mean it’s the middle of nowhere. Home to rolling prairie, stark deserts, mountains, rivers, and streams, Wyoming’s landscape is as varied as its people.

Erin’s focus areas lie in the public and private sectors, demonstrating a long history of success collaborating with multitudes of personalities. Now the Communications Lead with Wyoming’s Department of Workforce Services, Erin writes. A lot.

Tricia Mansfield

As a Senior Public Relations Specialist at the Department of Workforce Services, Tricia Mansfield brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise to the table with her experience and educational background in communications and visual arts as well as a Master of Business Administration degree. In her role, Tricia is tasked with developing social media strategies, managing content creation, and fostering brand awareness. She has successfully launched outstanding social media campaigns and increased the department’s online presence. When she isn’t busy crafting campaigns, Tricia enjoys indulging in creative projects, exploring the natural beauty of her home state, and cherishing quality time with family and friends.

February 13, 2024

Tools for Lean Leadership

The second DWS Virtual Training Series offers “Tools for Lean Leadership” at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 13. This presentation will introduce participants to foundational concepts of Lean Thinking and Lean Leadership. Topics covered will include value vs. waste, the three roles of a Lean Leader, and the use of Lean Daily Management as a tool for change management and creating a culture of continuous improvement. While Lean Thinking was developed to improve manufacturing processes, the concepts apply to all business enterprises and can even be easily applied to daily personal activities. This presentation is free to the public, though registration is required.


Hans Ritschard

Hans Ritschard graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Chemistry degree, and then worked as a Polymer Chemist at General Electric for three years before completing his PhD in clinical psychology at Fuller Seminary. After graduate school, he joined the Air Force, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School, along with two more master’s degrees in military leadership. He served for 23 years in Germany, England, Japan, Afghanistan, and all over the United States in various clinical and healthcare leadership positions. After three years as the Commander/CEO of the Medical Group here at FE Warren Air Force Base, he retired from the Air Force to join the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CMRC) team. He is now the Director of Performance Improvement for CRMC, where he applies Lean thinking and methods to improve healthcare leadership, systems, and outcomes. He enjoys downhill skiing, backpacking, hiking, and the great Wyoming outdoors, along with his wife Carolyn, their six kids, and their families.

Tiff Sink

Tiff Sink is proud to be part of the Cheyenne community. She graduated from NC State University with two chemistry degrees before going on to get a Master of Science and a Master of Public Health in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina. Throughout graduate school she worked as an intellectual property analyst, mapping patent landscapes. Following graduation, she served as a food safety and sanitation consultant in over 30 food production plants in central California. In 2012, she moved to Cheyenne to work at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center as a clinical dietitian and has since moved into their Performance Improvement Department, where she is currently an analyst. 

Tiff and her husband travel extensively throughout the US and have published travel guidebooks to the National Parks and Forests, and a road trip guide to America. They believe in the “happiness of pursuit” and are continually seeking new experiences. As they say, while they haven’t been everywhere, it is on their list!