CHEYENNE – The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) announced today that it will be joining national efforts to increase awareness about worker safety by observing Workers’ Memorial Day on April 28, 2021. Workers’ Memorial Day marks the day the Occupational Safety and Health Act was signed into law with the aim of providing every worker with a safe job.

Robin Sessions Cooley, DWS director, says the agency places the highest priority on workplace safety. “DWS is committed to ensuring safe and healthful workplaces for all Wyoming workers,” she said. “Our Wyoming OSHA program was one of the first launched in the nation, and provides the safety guidelines that allow workers to return home safely to their families. In addition, our OSHA Consultation program helps employers take a proactive role in providing safe workplaces for their employees.” Cooley added that Wyoming is one of the few states that fully funds a State Occupational Epidemiologist, who examines all workplace incidents and helps put safety protocols in place to prevent future accidents.

The Department of Workforce Services and OSHA encourage employers around the state to contact the OSHA Consultation program for more information about safe workplaces. To learn more about OSHA’s safety efforts, please visit here.

Watch a video message on Workers’ Memorial Day here.

To learn more about Workers’ Memorial Day, including how you or your business can participate, please visit here.