Todd currently attends school at Gillette College looking to earn his welding certificate. The following is his testimonial.

“I got laid off in April from the coal mines when they’d done their cutbacks. And the job market up around the area where I live isn’t very good and I had a hard time finding a job. Then I heard about the Department of Workforce Services helping to pay for schooling, people that were interested and were qualified. So I contacted the local Workforce Center in Newcastle and they set me up and we had meetings. They were just wonderful in helping me get all the paperwork. With their services and questions, they were just great to work with. They asked me what I was interested in going to school for. I told them I want to get my welding certificate. So they contacted the Gillette College and got all the information for me that I needed.They sat down with me and together we worked out my schedules. Then they assisted me in paying for my schooling, my books and tuition and the materials that I needed.

“It’s a great program that they offered this for us, paying for college and helping somebody further their education. And it helps people who are unemployed that really can’t afford to pay for their schooling. They will help you out. They’re just wonderful. They worked with me all the way through everything. If I have any questions or any issues, they work right with me even now. I go in and visit with them and they’re more than happy to assist their student prospects.”