PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund (WDTF) is proposing changes that will affect the Division’s rules, and reimbursement schedule. These proposals include modifications to the Wyoming Workforce Development Training Fund Rules.

Workforce Development Training Funds (WDTF) Chapter 2 – Pre-hire Economic Development Training Grants rules were last updated on 6/29/2018. Overall changes made helped with clarity of definitions, eligibility, as well as allowable and non-allowable training expenses. There was a reduction of 7 pages. Minor formatting and grammatical edits were included also.

WDTF proposes the following changes to these rules:
The name of this chapter and Section 2 – Purpose – was changed from “Pre-hire Training Grants” to “Pre-hire Economic Development Training Grants”

Section 3 – Definitions – this is a new section. “Emergency Medical Service Provider” and
“Wyoming-based business” were added.

Sections 3, 4 & 5 were renumbered to 4, 5 & 6 respectively.

Section 4 – Pre-Hire Economic Development Grants
(b) Training Entity and Business or Businesses Compliance Requirements
(b)(i) and (ii) – added “Registered and”
(b)(v) – added “The business(es) partnering with the training entity shall be registered with DWS’s
management information system”

(c) Training Eligibility – this section was renumbered
(c)(i) – added “or”
(c)(ii) – added “Provide training to replace lost workers”
(c)(iv) – deleted
(d) Trainee Eligibility
(d)(ii) – changed “Wyoming” to “Wyoming-based”

(e) Business, Businesses or Industry Requirements
(e)(i) – changed from “all government entities except Wyoming county hospitals are not eligible to
participate” in grants to only Wyoming county hospitals and memorial hospitals as defined in W.S. §
18-8-101(a)(i) and emergency medical service providers”
(f) Allowable Training Expenses
(f)(iii) – Instructor wages and fringe benefits – added “directly related to the training”
(g) Non-Allowable Training Expenses
(g)(i) – added “including computer hardware and/or software”
(h) Grant Application Process
(h)(i)(A) – changed “shortage of skilled workers” to “shortage of a skilled workforce”
(h)(i)(C) – changed from Section 3 to 4
(h)(iv) – added to Past performance “whether positive or negative, will be considered regarding future
grant awards, and negative performance as determined by DWS may result in disapproval of the grant
application until such time as the past negative performance can be explained and addressed for any
pending application”
(i) Grant Approval Process
(i)(i) – changed from Section 3 to 4 and deleted “above”
(l) Performance Standards – added “To be considered a successful training grant”
Former – Section 4 Pre-hire Skill Training Grants – whole section was deleted

Written comments should be submitted to the following address by May 31, 2022.
Department of Workforce Services
5221 Yellowstone Road
Cheyenne, WY 82002
(307) 777-6746
Or via email to:
A public comment period will end at close of business on May 31, 2022.

Copies may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Division, with pre-payment by personal check or money order for the total number of copies requested; the fee for each copy is $4.00. The proposed rules may be downloaded, free of charge, from the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) at: