CHEYENNE, WY—The Department of Workforce Services (DWS) is proud to announce the Wyoming Employers Hire Vets (WE Hire Vets) program will launch in January 2023. The program is designed to recognize employers who make efforts to hire and retain veterans in their businesses. Prospective applicants wishing to be notified when the program application is available may fill out this form.

“At DWS, we understand the sacrifice and commitment that veterans make to protect our many freedoms,” says Robin Sessions Cooley, DWS Director. “We thank our veterans, past and present, for their service to our country, and are hopeful that the WE Hire Vets program will open more employment opportunities for veterans throughout the state of Wyoming.”

All businesses legally operating within the state of Wyoming that hire or continue to employ a veteran during any given year are eligible for the program. Businesses may apply for the recognition each calendar year they hire or employ a veteran. Participating businesses will receive a window sticker, digital materials, and consideration for annual awards for employers who go above and beyond in their employment of veterans.

“DWS is honored and proud to be adding this new program to help recognize employers making efforts in hiring and retaining our veterans, on top of the other programs we have within our agency to support the employment of veterans,” says Trevor Mansfield, Deputy Administrator of the WE Hire Vets program. “We entrust our nation’s safety and freedom to these men and women, and this program will help to highlight those businesses making an effort to pay these veterans back.”

Participation in the WE Hire Vets program is simple:

  • Have a veteran employee on staff.
  • Fill out the DWS online form, available January 1, 2023.
  • DWS may verify the information.
  • If approved, DWS will send out the window sticker and digital package.

The annual award qualifications for small, medium and large business awards match the federal Department of Labor HIRE Vets Medallion gold award level for the appropriate business size. More information on the WE Hire Vets program is available on the DWS website.