The Research & Planning (R&P) section of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has updated its website with the August 2022 issue of Wyoming Labor Force Trends, a new growing & declining industries report, Unemployment Insurance claims data, and more.

Wyoming Labor Force Trends, August 2022

  • Pandemic Job Losses and Recovery in Wyoming: A Sector-by-Sector Review
  • Long-Term Industry and Occupational Projections, 2020-2030
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Growing and Declining Industries in Wyoming, 2022Q1

  • Wyoming had 14 growing industries and four declining industries in first quarter 2022. Growing industries accounted for 18.9% of all industries and 23.0% of the state’s total employment, and included computer & electronic product manufacturing, motion picture and sound recording industries, plastics & rubber products manufacturing, and support activities for mining.

Wyoming Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims

Quarterly News Release

Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) in Wyoming

  • Statewide, regional, county, and MSA data — estimates for Wyoming wages for May 2021 data updated to the March 2022 ECI Employment Cost Index.

Upcoming Releases for September 2022

  • Monthly UI Claims Report (Week of September 12)
  • Monthly News Release (September 19)
  • Wyoming Labor Force Trends, September 2022 (Week of September 26)
  • Weekly UI Claims Data (updated each Friday)