CHEYENNE – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the work search requirement for many Unemployment Insurance claimants was suspended temporarily. But now that businesses are opening again, the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) reminds Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants that a minimum of two work searches must be completed each week in order to continue receiving UI benefits. Claimants also must be registered and have a completed resume in the job search system.

“There are a lot of businesses looking for employees right now,” said DWS Workforce Programs Administrator Holly McKamey Simoni. “Jobseekers may find assistance with their work search through any of our 20 workforce centers around Wyoming, where we have staff trained to help folks find jobs, get additional skills and training, and assist with resume writing and interview preparation. There might not be jobs available that match exactly what a person was doing before the pandemic, but there can be opportunities for new and even better careers.”

Those who are temporarily furloughed from their employment may be exempted from the work search requirement, but that exemption is only valid for 12 weeks. Employers who must extend the furlough may apply for a four-week extension, but the majority of UI claimants do not qualify for the work-search exemption.