Jesse is an attorney at Hathaway & Kunz and a Co-Founder and Board Member of Array School of Technology & Design in Cheyenne. The following is her testimonial.

“We were looking for investments from local agencies or people to fund our schools. That’s how I first got involved with the Department of Workforce Services. They gave us a fantastic grant. They really believed in the program and our ideas. They not only gave us the financial support but also a great amount of community support and enthusiasm; talking through our business plan, what kinds of students we wanted and where we want our schools to go in the future.Workforce Services has been phenomenally helpful with both financial aspect and the support.

“The Department of Workforce Services has been really daring. And I think that’s something really important for Cheyenne. Workforce Services dared to take a chance on a new coding school and a new idea. It’s the first of its kind in Wyoming. Workforce Services has made such a significant investment of time and resources in a new program that really has the potential to do great things not just for Cheyenne but for the state and even the region.”