CHEYENNE – The Unemployment Insurance Commission, in consultation with the Department of Workforce Services (DWS), is proposing changes to multiple chapters of rules within the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program and seeks public input. 

The proposed changes will:

  • Ensure all chapters of rules are referenced within Chapter 1.
  • Make the rules consistent with the current Wyoming Unemployment Insurance system.
  • Ensure conformity to existing Wyoming statutes.
  • Introduce a waiver for overpayment amounts owed that are less than $100 following an audit.
  • Update requirements for claimants utilizing UI benefits.
  • Clarify specific contested case processes for a petition for rehearing.
  • Remove certain requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further information is available in the Statement of Reasons and all of the proposed changes can be viewed in strike-and-underline format here:

To provide public comment on any of these chapters of rules, please complete this form. Public Comment will close on August 30, 2023.