CHEYENNE – The Department of Workforce Services Workers’ Compensation Division seeks public comment on proposed changes to the medical service fee schedule rules for Chapter 9 – Fee Schedule.

The Division has proposed changes to existing rules that will ensure Critical Access Hospitals receive appropriate reimbursement for certain medical services, and injured workers can receive quality services. These changes will include:

  • Adding Optum360 as a resource for the Division. 
  • Clarifies existing language. 
  • Reincorporated an eighty percent (80%) reimbursement rate for certain medical services. 
  • Proposes an increase of 29% reimbursement for Critical Access Hospitals. 
  • Clarifies the statutory requirement that healthcare providers and facilities must provide records to the Division without charge after a claim has been accepted.

For more detailed information on the proposed rule changes, please view the Statement of Reasons and rule changes.

The public comment window for the regular rules opened on Monday, Dec. 4, and will close on Jan. 22, 2024. Please submit any public comments using this form.