• E-Tools – This is an OSHA website that you can use to get interactive, web-based training tools on occupational safety and health topics
  • E-Tools (en Español)
  • Find OSHA Training
  • OSHA Publications
  • Prevention Video (v-Tool) – Excavations in Construction/Soil Classification (Excavaciones en la Construccion/Clasificacion del Suelo)
  • Safety and Health Programs – This program was created in order to identify and make aware of all hazards that are real and could be potential as well as, to ensure that the workers are not exposed in any way to the hazards.
  • Teen Safety – This is a website that was created to educate employers about keeping their teen employees safe
  • Toolbox Topics – This is a link to access certain safety topics that you can discuss and bring to the attention of your employees.
  • Workplace Mental Health
Safety Training Pamphlets
Trench Safety Interactive Training

We do also offer additional training, but this training is only available upon request. The following are a few of the safety trainings offered:

  • Global Harmonization Systems (GHS)
  • Oil & Gas Well Drilling Standard
  • Oil & Gas Well Servicing Standard
  • Cranes Standard
  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Residential Fall Protection


Safe + Sound Campaign Resources

Visit the Safe + Sound campaign page to find resources you can use to participate in Safe + Sound Week.

Have questions regarding the Safe + Sound Campaign? Please click here to contact the program administrators.