CHEYENNE – The Governor’s Energy Rebound Program (ERP) is providing a much-needed boost to the energy industry in Wyoming. Many exciting projects are slated to begin or continue with help from the ERP.

Many of the companies that have been selected for the ERP will need help, both from contractors and from workers to complete the projects. The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services (DWS) can assist in connecting those companies with operators.

In order to determine the help needed, as well as to explain the assistance that is already available from DWS, the department is hosting a Virtual Town Hall at 2 p.m.Thursday, Dec. 3, at this link.

“The Energy Rebound Program means more jobs for Wyoming workers,” said DWS Director Robin Sessions Cooley. “DWS is looking forward to helping energy employers find qualified workers for the opportunities that open up through this new program.”

DWS will present information to help energy companies more easily find the skilled employees they need, as well as gather information from Town Hall participants to better assist the energy industry in connecting contractors with employees or other operators.

Because the funding allocated to the ERP must be allotted by Dec. 30, DWS considers assisting ERP participants its highest priority. Please plan to attend the Virtual Town Hall on Thursday and help DWS locate the best possible connections for companies and operators, as well as finding the best possible workers to complete these ERP projects.