Dan came to Vocational Rehabilitation in August of 2015. He had previously been interested in Vocational Rehabilitation services but was closed unsuccessful. This time Dan had committed to remain sober and complete any training in order to be successful. He as an active participant in his treatment and continues to attend AA meetings. Dan also has a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an ATV accident in 2007. This TBI combined with his substance use made Dan come across in an abrasive manner, which had caused him to lose employment in the past. He also had lost employment opportunities due to his legal history. It was because of these issues that Dan decided that he needed to go into business for himself. He had a number of years laying concrete and felt that he would be able to open a profitable small business providing this service.

Dan was given the Vocational Rehabilitations guide on how to write a business plan. He met with his VR counselor 1-2 times each month to go over his progress. He was also referred to the BEP Consultant who communicated any changes that needed to be made to the plan. His business plan was approved on July of 2016 and he began purchasing the tool, equipment, and supplies he needed to start his business.

Dan has now reported that he has successfully completed three jobs and has contacts to start at least three more. He is still working on obtaining all of his equipment and tools and has been able to obtain additional equipment through networking and sharing with other businesses.

Dan is very proud that he has been able to remain sober for over a year and has been able to find success in his business. He has been very appreciative of Vocational Rehabilitations assistance and has expressed his desire to help other individuals with disabilities through his business.