Allisa Davis applied for services with Vocational Rehabilitation in Rock Springs. She came to Vocational Rehabilitation after having lifelong hearing issues that have inhibited her employability. Allisa was in need of new hearing aids as well as assistance with educational goals so she could successfully obtain employment.

Allisa was 23 years old at the time she applied for services and since that time has been determined to complete her goals. She has had an interest in becoming an interpreter for students in a school setting and/or for others in the community. She commuted from Rock Springs to Salt Lake City, Utah for her training over a three year period and ultimately received EIPA certification for sign language interpreting and has obtained a full time permanent position with Sweetwater County School District #2 as an interpreter.

In the meantime Allisa has married and has a new baby as well. She has continued to maintain her full time employment and has expressed her gratitude for the support from Wyoming Vocational Rehabilitation which has allowed her to obtain her goal and be successful.