The Department of Workforce Services, Workers’ Compensation Division is proposing to change the
The Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule in Chapter 9 has not been updated for
seven (7) years. Fee Schedule allowable rates are lower than amounts commonly paid by other
insurers both state wide and across the region. The Division proposes changes to the fee schedule
to address insufficient conversion factors and/or allowable rates in ambulance, dental, eyeglass
frames and lenses.
Another change to Chapter 9 is in Section 4, which adopts the reimbursement schedule for durable
medical equipment, prosthesis, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS). The current rules state the
Division will automatically adopt Medicare’s updated reimbursement rates. In November, 2015,
Medicare updated the reimbursement schedule based on provider location and zip code. This would
result in Wyoming providers receiving decreased reimbursements. The Division believes it
necessary to deviate from Medicare’s most recent reimbursement schedule and instead continue to
use the current fee schedule posted on the Secretary of State’s website, instead of automatically
updating the fees pursuant to Medicare’s new rates. This will allow the Division to continue to pay
reasonable rates for these items.
The Rules may be accessed and downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website:
Public comments can be sent to:
Public comments will be accepted through 9/19/16