PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Wyoming OSHA Commission
proposes to update and adopt OSHA 1904, Recording, Reporting and Posting
Requirements, per incorporation by reference of the federal OSHA rules.
OSHA Practice and Procedure Chapter 1, was last updated on 7/27/18, incorporating
federal OSHA language by reference effective June 19, 2018. Specific changes to this
rules are as follows:
• OSHA is adopting this rule change to protect worker privacy. This rule change will eliminate
the requirement for establishments with 250 or more employees to electronically submit
information from OSHA form 300 (Log of work-Related Injuries and Illnesses) and OSHA
form 301 (Injury and illness Incident Report) to OSHA each year. This does not alter an
employer’s duty to maintain these records on-site. OSHA will continue to obtain these forms
as needed through inspections and enforcement actions.
• Requires all employers submit their Employer Identification Number (EIN) with their OSHA
form 300A (Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses), no later than March 2, 2019.
This form will help OSHA and BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) make the information more
useful and could reduce duplicative reporting burdens on employers.
• OSHA has determined that this final rule will allow them to improve enforcement targeting
and compliance assistance, protect worker privacy and safety, and decrease burden on
employers. This rule change will also allow OSHA to focus its resources on initiatives from
severe injury reports which helps target areas of concern, and to fully utilize a large volume
of data from Form 300A.
Written comments should be submitted to the following address by May 13, 2019.
Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Division
ATTN: Administrator
1510 East Pershing Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82002
(307) 777-7672
Or via email to:
A public comment period will end at close of business on May 13, 2019.
Copies may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Division, with prepayment by personal check or money order for the total number of copies requested; the
fee for each copy is $4.00. The proposed rules may be downloaded, free of charge, from
the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) at: