Numerous fraud schemes have been identified that target Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs or even UI claimants directly. One example is fraudsters convincing UI claimants to provide their social security numbers, User IDs and passwords to their UI claims, and the fraudsters then steal the UI claimants’ benefits.

Never provide your social security number, User ID, WYUI password, date of birth, or any other personal information to anyone through social media, text messages or email. The safest way to contact the UI division is to call 307-473-3789 and speak directly to a UI representative.

In the event a UI representative must call you, they will not ask for your User ID or Password. They may ask you your security questions to verify who you are. If you are at all concerned when answering questions regarding your claim, only give your name, the correct spelling of your last name and last four of your SSN.

We will never ask you for any personal information via email or social media. If you receive a social media message that asks you to send any personal information via text or direct message, report it immediately by completing this form. Comments, posts and information on Facebook that comes directly from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services will include a white check mark inside a blue circle next to our name. If you see messages or comments that do not have this check mark, the information is coming from someone else, and should be treated with caution.