CHEYENNE – The Department of Workforce Services has implemented emergency rule changes to the Workers’ Compensation Program, Chapter 9 – Fee Schedule and seeks public comment on the proposed rules as well.

After a recent review of the existing rules, it has been determined that the change of the method of payment caused the reimbursement of MRI services to decrease significantly. Therefore, the Agency proposed an emergency rule change to the conversion factor for MRI radiology procedures. These rules are in effect for 120 days and will expire on September 7, 2023. If needed, they may be extended for an additional 120 days. 

For further information on the emergency rule changes, please view the Statement of Reasons and rule changes.

In addition to the emergency rules, the Agency has proposed changes via the regular rulemaking process and requests public comment. These changes include the update to the MRI conversion factor, clarifying language to existing rules, and minor grammatical updates to ensure uniformity and consistency throughout the chapter.

The public comment window for the regular rules opened on Friday, May 12, and will close on June 28, 2023.

Review the Statement of Reasons here, rule changes here, or submit a public comment here.