What is Wyoming at Work?

Wyoming at Work is an automated job search system. There are never any fees in association with this automated system or the attached information.

How to use Wyoming at Work to Find a Job

If you would like information about employment availabilities in Wyoming, you may proceed by searching the following criteria:

If you are seeking specific employment information, including employer names and referral information, you must complete the registration process. Complete registration also entitles you to job notifications from Workforce Centers and employers, as well as other sites and services.

Get Help Creating or Printing a Résumé

A résumé is an important component in seeking employment. You may use the Wyoming at Work automated job system to create and print a résumé. You may also choose to have your résumé available for Workforce Centers and employers to view for consideration of employment referrals or direct contacts.

To begin your résumé process, click here and follow the registration and résumé guidelines.

Note: You must be registered and logged in to create a résumé. If you’re not registered, you will be prompted to do so prior to creating one.

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