1. What’s the status of my bill?

You can call our main line at (307) 777-7441 or (800) 870-8883. Please be prepared with a claim number. You will be transferred to the appropriate auditor for this claim. Please note, the auditors receive numerous calls during the day. Please be prepared to leave a message that includes, the injured person’s name, case number, the date of service and the amount that was billed.

2. Is claim information available online? How do I access this information?

Yes, claim information is available online. You can access this information by registering for PIERS. Again, you will need to have the injured worker’s name, case number and date of service.

3. What is the Wyoming Workers’ Compensation fee schedule?

You can find our fee schedule by accessing our Rules & Regulations, chapter 9 page 9-2.

4. Where do I mail my bills?

You will need to mail your bills along with all medical notes to the address below:

State of Wyoming PO Box 2087 Portland, OR 97208-2087

Other ways to submit bills:

Fax: 800.418.1376

Email: CorvelStateOfWyoming@onlinecapturecenter.com

EDI – Clearinghouse Payor ID: E1013

5. What should accompany my bills?

Any and all medical notes that support the billed codes must accompany your bills.

6. Does the division charge for medical notes?

Only if the division requests medical notes for division requested exams.

7. How do I find more information on a denied bill?

PIERS has a list of all of the analysts and auditors that are assigned to the injured worker that includes their phone numbers. You will need to know the injured worker’s case number, date of service, and the amount that was billed.

8. What are medical explanation codes?

Medical explanation codes are used on the Provider Payment Statement you receive with your medical payments. This statement is commonly referred to as the “Explanation of Benefits” (E.O.B.). If there is a condition that exists with the payment an explanation code will appear on the statement. A complete listing of all Explanation Codes is available.

9. What employer and employee information is needed on the injury report form?

Write the full and complete Employer Business Name on the form. Do not use abbreviations or acronyms for the employer name. Also include the Workers’ Compensation Employer number.

Write the full and complete Employee name and address. Also include the employee’s Social Security Number (SSN) which is required to validate identity of the person. Also needed is the date of injury and the report of injury codes.

10. What key information is needed on documents sent to the Division?

  • Documents should be clear, clean and readable.
  • Use black or blue ink only. No pencil. Do not use red or green as these colors are filtered out.
  • White paper is best. Colored paper can turn black when imaged and become unreadable.
  • All documents should have the Wyoming Case Number and complete patient name.
  • Also include patients SSN number, for a confirmation reference.
  • If a bill, include your Tax ID Number and payee name and address.

11. What is not acceptable and cannot be used on documents?

  • Do not use colored markers or highlighters (pink, blue, green, purple) to emphasis data. It will turn ‘black’ and make the information unreadable. Please circle or underline important data.
  • Do not use red or green ink to write information on documents. These colors will be filtered out in the image process, which makes the colored ink and information disappear.
  • Do not use colored ‘sticky’ notes, as these colors turn black and the notes cannot be read.
  • Only YELLOW sticky notes with black or blue ink are acceptable for readable image processing.
  • A ‘sticky’ note will become part of the document, as it is received.

12. Are copies or faxed documents acceptable?

The best document is an original document. While Fax copies are received quickly, they usually take longer to process, due to being unreadable and very poor quality, with black streaks and dark shaded areas. Clean, clear photo copies can be accepted. However, messy copies with dark streaks, shaded areas or, smudges will be very poor quality and may be unreadable. If the copy is not readable, it is not a valuable document for review.

13. What information is needed to describe an accident or injury?

Write the specific details of the accident and injury, in a simple short phrase to the point.

14. How do I register to be a Service Provider in Wyoming?

All service providers must complete the IRS W-9 and mail it to the Division: P.O. Box 20027, Cheyenne, WY 82003-7000. Fax (307) 777-7001. Payment cannot be made until the form is complete and returned to the Division.

15. How do I initiate a surgical preauthorization?

Contact the Division’s Preauthorization Department at (307) 777-6307.

16. What are the filing time requirements for billing Workers’ Compensation?

Bills for services rendered are required to be filed within 60 days of the date the services are rendered or payment may be denied. Wyoming Statute 27-14-501(d). Any bill submitted more than one year after the date services were rendered, will be denied payment as a late file.