Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Corporate Officers, Limited Liability Company Members, Sole Proprietors and Partners.

Note: Corporate Officer coverage is by position. Corporations electing to obtain corporate officer coverage must notify the Division with 30 days of a change in corporate officers. The election of corporate officer coverage will transfer from the prior individual in a position to the newly elected officer in the same position.

Reporting Corporate Officers, LLC Members, Sole Proprietors, Partners

  • With Elected Coverage: Report included owners under “C” class code (i.e., 211210C) using the statewide average wage. DO NOT use actual or zero wages for covered officers or members. If your business does not have an assigned “C” class code, then your business does not have elected officer or member coverage. View the Monthly/Quarterly Corporate Officer Statewide Average wage.
  • Without Elected Coverage: DO NOT include wages paid to an officer, member, sole proprietor, or partner on the businesses’ workers’ compensation report.

Election of Coverage

WC coverage for an owner must be requested IN WRITING on an affidavit of coverage provided by the Division. You may call (307) 777-6763 to request an affidavit of coverage.

Effective Dates

  • Corporation or LLC formed during the rate year: Effective the first day of the reporting period immediately following the date the corporation or LLC established an account with the Division, if a written election for corporate officer or member coverage was filed with the Division within 30 days of first establishing an account with the Division. Elected coverage must be retained for a minimum of 8 calendar quarters.
  • Existing corporation or LLC: Written election must be filed 30 days before the beginning of a calendar quarter. Coverage is effective the first day of the calendar quarter immediately following a timely filed written election. Elected coverage must be retained for a minimum of 8 calendar quarters.

Cancel Corporate Officer, LLC Member Coverage, Sole Proprietor, Partner Coverage

Request for cancellation of coverage must be submitted in writing to the Division. Termination of coverage will be effective the first day of the month following the receipt of the request for cancellation.