Apprenticeship – “Apprenticeship Grant Champion”

We are training you for a Career, not a Job. Wyoming Rural Water’s Apprenticeship Program is a 2-year program that combines full-time on-the-job learning with related technical instruction to train the next generation of Water System Operations Specialists and Wastewater System Operations Specialists in Wyoming. Having highly skilled water and wastewater operators is vital to any community, yet attracting and retaining people to these careers has been difficult. So, this program was created as more than just a training program, we work with the employers and communities to help them understand that investing in the right people and the right training is an investment in their communities’ future.

CyberWyoming promotes the cybersecurity welfare and prosperity of the Wyoming business community. This includes small business education through Wyoming’s Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business and workforce development through technical registered apprenticeship.

Risk Management – “Most Improved EMR”

The Goshen Irrigation District operates and maintains the Fort Laramie Canal from Whalen Dam to mile marker 85.3 (state line), with some general rehabilitation work done by both the Goshen Irrigation District and the Gering-Ft. Laramie Irrigation District. There are also some 301 miles of laterals and approximately 200 miles of drains the district is also responsible for. Water is delivered to 52,483.78 acres (approximately 412 farms), and to the United States (at the state line), to be used by the Gering-Ft. Laramie Irrigation District.

We have 5 Commissioners governing the district and employ on average 18 employees. After irrigation season we are on a maintenance schedule repairing or replacing aging infrastructure, check structures, pipelines, head gates, and silt removal on the main canal and laterals.

Veterans – “Outstanding Support of Wyoming’s Veterans”

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